Baby Mamta Searching Mother


Hello my dear mother in Kolkata,

Are you looking for your daughter Mamata right now? And can you recognize me in the pictures?

In 1991 I was adopted from India by my Dutch parents. According to the adoption documents I have, I was born in Kolkata on February 2, 1990 ().

After you took care of me for several months, you brought me to a children's home.

You have given me a beautiful name: Mamata.

Leaving me behind in the children's home must have been a very difficult decision for you, probably the hardest decision of your whole life. A mother never forgets her child, I think!

I can imagine that you often think of me: "Where are you?", "Are you happy?", "Do you look like me?" Etc.

Maybe you have already tried to find me on the internet. Nowadays the internet is accessible to almost everyone, a search is easily done.

So I want to give you a chance to communicate with me. If we find each other that way, it's great for both you and me. I want to look for you, but it's too tough because there are so few links here.

Please contact me when you find me. I have the following email address: ln.amayirparama@atmam
Please tell me in this email:
- When you brought me to the children's home;
- Name and location of children's home (location, street);
- How old were you then?

Your daughter Mamata

Searching Gayan's Mother